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Family law & criminal defense attorney in San Antonio

If you are facing the uncomfortable prospect of a divorce, you need a competent attorney to guide you through all the variables. These may include custody, spousal support, retirement benefits and related issues. Mr. Davidson will advocate for you vigorously, whether in negotiations or at trial.

Mr. Davidson has extensive experience in criminal law as well. Need help setting up a trust, a special needs trust or an NFA firearms trust? Mr. Davidson has experience in getting you the best results. Is your criminal record keeping you from getting a better job? In some cases, expunctions or record sealings are the way to go.

Criminal charges such as assault, DWI, robbery and burglary are serious cases and should be handled by a competent attorney like Mr. Davidson. When a probation case is facing revocation, this can often be avoided as well. Sometimes, the best solution to a criminal case is to go to trial; in other instances, alternatives may be preferable. Only a good attorney with both trial and negotiation experience can help you make an informed decision. If you are asked to make any statements to police, make sure you have your attorney present first. The best thing you can say is "I want a lawyer." When asked if your car or house can be searched, remember you have a right to say "No." Use it.

Mr. Davidson works on adult and juvenile school cases such as expulsions and others.

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NFA and special needs trusts in San Antonio

Looking to form a gun trust in San Antonio, TX? The Law Office of William Davidson can help with NFA trusts, so your beneficiaries can avoid the hassles of transfer taxes, forms and other legal processes.

For special needs trusts, our lawyer will sit down with you to create an effective, detailed plan so your loved one doesn’t become ineligible for their normal benefits after your passing.

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The Law Office of William Davidson knows that the stress of your current situation is taking enough of a toll on you. Our law office will provide you with affordable, honest services so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

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